See you in the moon!

I am inviting you and everyone in your household to become members of the Moon Beam Network (MBN). You’ll be getting Happy Aloha Friday messages, usually every week, and I thought I should let you in on how and why I send them. Everybody who is a member of the Moon Beam Network gets an Aloha Friday Card every week. The messages are intended to be inspirational in nature, but they might sometimes also contain family news and nearly always come with prayer requests. That’s because the purpose of the MBN is to stay connected through prayer and a reminder that we support each other. The MBN is a large circle of friends who take the time and care to pray for, about, and with each other.

When we pray FOR each other, we act as intercessors, “in-the-place-of” praying. It’s making a prayer on behalf of someone else rather than on behalf of ourselves.

When we pray ABOUT each other, we’re making prayers that are intended to be blessings. We ask God for this favor or that outcome for one another. I might pray for your health or you might pray for me to find strength in a trial.

When we pray WITH each other, ah, there’s a power in that. Usually this is focused on something outside of both of us, like the people who are suffering in Southeast Asia, or a child who has been kidnapped.

When you get the Message, it will look like it’s addressed only to you; you won’t see a group of names. I send BCC copies to the Moon Beam Network Members. I do that to protect everyone’s identity. You’ve doubtless received e-mails with hundreds of other people’s e-mail addresses in the header part of the message. When I send you a Message, none of the other people who are receiving the same Message and the same Message will know that anyone else is getting it. You must never feel like you are obligated to respond to these messages. They are sent to you just so that you can receive them. If you want to write back, I will be delighted to hear from you; however, the message I send is for you and God to interpret and use.

Anyway, welcome to the MBN, and if ever you want to stop receiving those Aloha Friday Messages, just let me know. I will help you “unsubscribe.”

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