Intercessory Prayer List

This list is based on requests to the MBN for our intercession. It is updated periodically, so please return here often. Thank you for visiting here. May God richly bless you for the time you spend here praying for, with, and about our brothers and sisters who ask us to stand with them before God’s Throne. Sections in Italics are new.

Please see the General Intercessory Prayers  toward the end of this page. THANK YOU! We try to keep up with the changes resulting from these prayers, so if you know of or have experienced an answer to these prayers, please let us know. We try to bring attention to new requests or ongoing needs with Italics.


Cancer Prayer Candle

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Monday, January 18, 2021




AM – 11 year old Kapaʻa Elementary School student diagnosed this morning Sunday, December 13, 2020 with TWO brain tumors. Pray for good diagnoses and efficacious treatment plan.
AN – Physicians have diagnosed a cancerous growth on her spine which will require aggressive treatment including a very delicate surgery. Please pray for AN and for her treatment team that all goes well and the cancer is eliminated for good.
AV – A close family friend who is facing many difficult challenges with his work in law enforcement as well as in his marriage. Pray for a peaceful resolution to the daily troubles that affect his service and his family.
BC – a fellow coworker in The New Pentecost who needs improved health because of ulcerative colitis, invitations to conduct missions, and who gives all of us much prayerful support. BC and wife AC are parents to 10 remarkable children. They are planning a difficult relocation from rural to urban living. Please pray for great success in this dramatic change. Recent events have caused hurt, wrath, and division. Please join us in praying for reconciliations. New medications and treatments have given hope for recovery from UC! Keep praying! It’s working!
Casper – Please pray with this family at St Joseph in Bagley, ND for the healing of their 6 month ol son, Casper. Casper needs to be healed of deafness. Here we are, in the same hotel. Please pray that Casper is healed.
CER – Recently diagnosed with brain cancer. About 75% was removed surgically. The rest is being dealt with chemo and radiation. This is a difficult time for him and it’s tough on the family, too. We’re praying for recovery, strength for CER and caregivers, and for a return to full function.
CF – A Franciscan Priest who gives his life to help others find the beauty in many sacred sites around the world. Plagued with pains in both legs – a real difficulty for a tour guide! Turns out the pain was from compressed vertebrae.  On Jan 10th, he had surgery on his neck – Cervical Laminoplasty on C 2-5.  He has been in Chicago doing several hours of Therapy each day, and plans on returning home on January 14.  Has been quite an experience following first back Surgery on L4-5 last March 12. No traveling since May 2018 and none in the near future. Will be celebrating his 79th Birthday on January 30. Celebrating 52+ years of Service to God’s People around the world!
CF – An exceptional artist and family member who has experienced a very painful condition called “rib subluxation” which converted to rib dislocation. This condition cleared up enough that she could return to work – PTL!!!!! Not long after that return, the shop where she worked was shut down because of COVID. It is unlikely that the shop will NOT survive the economic consequences, so she is focusing on finishing her classes in metallurgy and starting her own jewelry creation shop! Pray for continued health and success.
Please pray for DB who has been diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer.  He begins chemo next week.  Pray against debilitating side effects.  Pray for wisdom and discernment in treatment and family matters.
DH – Former colleague and teacher recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and is now finished with chemo and anticipating surgery soon, possibly followed by radiation treatment.
DT  –  In ICU fighting for life. More details to follow. Family is asking for prayers for his survival. He was on his MOPED and had a bad crash. Now responding to therapy, but the road to recovery will not be easy because both legs are broken and he has a serious head injury requiring surgery.
EB – Severe pain in lower legs and general malaise. His wife, DB, asks that we pray for continue improvement after diagnosis of and treatment for vasculitis and resulting autoimmune response. Mobility continues to improve and we thank God for your prayerful support!
EP – MBN brother in faith with multiple chronic illnesses and yet has that tireless love for Jesus. Back at home now, but still plagued with frequent falls and transportation issues. Please ask Jesus for additional patience, hope, healing, and health.
FP – very painful condition resulting from C4 through C7 & T1 misalignment in neck causing pinched nerve and serious pain in left arm. This marks a considerable increase in the affected area of pain. Please pray for successful treatment and relief.
Francis – only 8 years old and in very serious condition with COVID-19 VIRUS. He needs out prayers for healing.
HM – Lifelong health issues including asthma, COPD requiring supplemental oxygen, and breast cancer for which she is undergoing targeted radiation treatment. With six children ranging in age from 8 to mid-thirties, her plate is pretty full. She is showing moderate improvement, and asks for continued prayers.
IDC – Family members have COVID-19 VIRUS and are grouping together near IDC who is a miraculous cancer survivor. We are praying that the child involved and the child’s mother and father will experience only a light case and recover quickly without infecting any other family members.
JE – a lifetime of illnesses and suffering, now dealing with psoriatic arthritis and experiencing much pain and frequent falls. Life is difficult, but he keeps trusting in Jesus. What an inspiration! Making a slow but measurable recovery after an extended stay in ICU. Back home, but still in lots of pain and discouraged because cigarettes have come back into the picture. We need some help getting out of that cycle. Also thanks be to God who helped with an unanticipated forced-relocation – cancelled lease. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!
JG – in her 80s. took a BAD fall and injured her back – compressed vertebrae and plenty of back pain. She’s using a walker to get around, but this is a lot to deal with at her age (mid-80’s). Pray for her hubby (also a JG same age) who is being a remarkable caregiver. We’d like to see her mobility restored to what it was before the accident. Recovery is progressing and she is starting to be able to walk again!
JMS – Wife and Mom to three kids in her early thirties experiencing a unforeseen sudden change in affections, faith, and health. It’s tearing the family apart and challenging for everyone how knows them. Formerly a solid Catholic Christian family, there is sufficient tension in her to pursue divorce and to resist getting help with faith, affection, affiliation, and approval. We are praying that this family will be able to come together in FAITH and restore the love that has been the hallmark of this home for years. Jesus WE TRUST IN YOU!
Kai – He is a young boy recovering from brain surgery and a bout with aseptic meningitis. A recent development is hydrocephalus. It’s a very difficult road he travels with the possibility of increased migraines, vomiting, and blurred vision. Kai and his family are counting on our prayers for his recovery.
KT and hubby ET – K has very fragile bones and history of multiple painful back fractures. Hubby E is an amazing and loving caregiver. Pray for their continuation in hope, healing, and health. Just moved into a mini-house after downsizing and things seem to be going really well.
KW – failed joint replacements; constant pain, multiple surgeries for neck, back, and hips. Please pray for relief for her and also respite for her hubby.
LC-G – battling an unknown disease that prevents her from making her own red blood cells – this means weekly transfusions to stay alive. We are asking for a clear diagnosis and efficacious treatment. Progress is slow and taking its toll. A large support base of family and friends asks for your continued prayer for diagnosis and treatment.
LN – 11/18/18 Pretty serious stroke but is working hard at rehabilitation. Back home now with wife B as caregiver; he’s wheelchair-bound but still makes it to Mass and still has that positivity that makes him so lovable. Please pray for continued improvement of the paralysis and speech difficulties. I can tell you YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!
MA – 83 years old – took a hard fall and has two brain bleeds. Doctors also found two aneurysms. Mary also has Alzheimer’s. We are praying for her and praying for family who have relocated to take on the role of caregivers.
MA – Mayan A. has Stage IV colon cancer – tumor about tennis-ball size has been REMOVED. Still dealing with post-op treatments and therapies.  He’s young, great hubby and dad, and needs to get going on getting rid of this cancer.
MB – Long-time loyal MBN member. Mobility and vision challenges, but still plays music and does crafts which she donates for St. Catherine of Alexandria Church Youth! Prayers of Thanksgiving for her loving support and for easier mobility.
MC – recently sent to ICU after ER visit. Large boil had to be incised because the infection, fever, and electrolyte disruption was causing super-elevated blood pressure and multiple physiological changes. Please pray for the infection to be wiped out and physiological functions returned to normal. He returned home, but still has a long and difficult recovery at one point calling for readmittance to the hospital. Pray for healing and for respite for this family tasked with caregiving in a very difficult situation. Husband and wife are teachers facing an uncertain future since schools are closed.
MCT – Middle-age Mom with two teens trying to rebuild a life under very difficult circumstances, a divorce from the abusive and addicted husband/father, and multiple economic setbacks. We’re praying for deliverance from the crushing poverty that stifles every opportunity, and for a continuation of the deep spiritual and emotional strength that has carried all of them forward thus far. We’re asking mom’s Patroness St. Thérèse, to shower the family with roses of Grace and Peace. The teens are bravely holding up in foster-care situation until everything can be settled between the parents and the State.
MHH – A fine young man in Louden TN recently diagnosed with a golf-ball-size brain tumor. We are praying for successful complete diagnosis (don’t know the type for sure yet) followed by successful treatment.
MW – Struggling with powerful headaches and nausea. This is similar to the antecedents for a previous stroke. Let’s pray against that possibility.
NJ ~~ This bright and lovely young woman, now aged 27 years, had a pretty serious stroke a few years back. She still has seizures  related to that event, and therefore cannot drive. She assists her parents in their home, both of whom are nearing retirement. Please pray for a completion of the healing she experienced after that stroke. Her recovery then was truly miraculous, so let’s ask that it now become complete.
PHILLIP ~~ Elderly gentleman in Montana who is very ill with COVID-19 VIRUS and hospitalized. Please pray for successful treatment and full recovery.
PV – Elderly pillar of the church community with Parkinson’s and also Alzheimer’s which has progressed to the point that she no longer knows where she is or who she’s with. He loyal and loving caregiver husband is striving to keep her suffering minimized. He could use a respite, too.
RB – a sister in MT facing multiple surgeries, multiple chronic health issues, including Chiari Syndrome, autoimmune disorders, and multiple infections due to low immunoglobulins and much in need of a new place to live AQAHP with access to better healthcare and better neighbors. Missed out on an opportunity to move to PA, so still needs prayer to get past the pain, the multiple illnesses and infections, and to get out of her current living situation to a place where she can receive competent medical care. Recurring illnesses cause much discomfort and frustration with frequent trips to ER or Clinic with little progress. This is emotionally draining – to have so much to persist without pause, yet her faith sustains her as she willingly submits all to our Messiah. Immune system is NOT cooperating and there are many comorbidities that make life especially painful and difficult. We appreciate your daily help!
RJT – Painful ankles & foot. Always looking at the positive side of life despite the pain. Pray for relief and healing, please. Blessings on the recent marriage to long-time romancer.
RR – Recovering from a serious heart attack. We are asking for rapid recovery and return to full functiom
RT – In and out of the hospital several times since around Christmas. Doctors cannot find the cause of her illnesses – pain, partial memory loss, impaired mobility, general malaise. We are praying for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan for this Kauaʻi Treasure.
SH – Multiple TIA (Transient Ischemic Attacks – “mini-strokes”) affecting use of right hand with additional discomforts. Now that we have an accurate diagnosis, we are praying for the return of manual dexterity as well as prevention of any further damage.
SF — Long course of illnesses including heart bypass, surgery on back vertebrae, severe damage to heart muscle after viral infections that included pneumonia, and incredible, pervasive, relentless pain.
SR – beginning chemo 11/26/19. Please pray for ongoing success in diagnoses and treatments as well as for strength and courage as treatments progress.
SS – Got a big surprise after traveling to visit with friends and relatives: A heart attack. Required the placement of a stent. Healing is progressing, and we continue to pray for a full return to health and activity.
VC – Just diagnosed with Stage 1 liver cancer. They have to let it grow (?!) so they can attack it. Hoping to avoid surgery and potent chemo. Please pray the docs get it right away and that’s the end of it. Also, after a leave of absence, looking for new employment, maybe something not too demanding
The families and caregivers for all of these folks. Lord give them strength and respite. Lord, hear our prayer. AMEN.

Keep praying! It’s working!

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COVID-19 VIRUS PRAYER: Dear God of all the living, you sent your Son Jesus to heal us from illness and sin. We turn to his healing power in this time of anxiety over the pandemic of this potentially deadly virus. St. Damien and St. Marianne Cope dedicated their lives to the service of those who had an infectious disease. St. Marianne Cope said, “I am not afraid of any disease,” because she was confident in your power to save. At the same time, she took prudent precautions of hygiene to assure that she and her Sisters would not be infected. Let us learn from this example to put our trust in you to save us from the ravages of disease and to take prudent measures to prevent its spread. Guide us to know when to isolate ourselves from the possibility of infection, but never let anyone be left without the care and concern of others in the community. As our Diocese of Honolulu has been dedicated to the Divine Mercy, we pray with confidence, “Jesus, I trust in you.” Saint Damien, pray for us! Saint Marianne, pray for us! ~~ By Bishop Larry Silva

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Father, I take a moment to remember everyone in the Moon Beam Network. Watch over them all. Bless them. Protect them. Guide them. Direct them. Keep them all safe from any harm or danger in body mind and spirit. See to their temporal needs and continue to call them all to a deeper spiritual awareness of and commitment to you through Jesus. Increase their faith and fill them with your Light. Bless everyone who prays for us and everyone who asks for our prayers. Bless all of us with the will to do small things with great love, that love which we share among all of the members of the Moon Beam Network. Likewise bless everyone I have ever loved and everyone who has ever loved me, and anyone who has ever loved them, for the love we have comes from You through Your Son Jesus the Christ by the ministry of The Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Prayer for Vocations
Heavenly Father, Your Divine Son taught us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his vineyard. We earnestly beg you to bless our Diocese and our world with many priests, deacons, and religious who will love you fervently, and who will spend their lives, gladly and courageously, in service to Your Son’s Church, especially the poor and needy.

Bless our families and our children, and choose from our homes those whom you desire for this holy work. Teach them to respond generously and keep them ever faithful in following Your Son, Jesus Christ, that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the inspiration of Saint Damien and Saint Marianne the Good News of Redemption will be brought to all.

Father we also pray for those men and women who have already answered Your call as St. Damien and Saint Marianne did. Strengthen and guide them in serving You through the work that they do. Bless them for the sacrifices they make to bring souls into the Kingdom. We especially pray for your servants who go out into the world as missionaries to carry the Good News and the Sacraments to every land and nation.

Please, Lord, touch also the hearts and minds of our laity to come forward to serve in the ministries of our parishes and encourage many parishioners to volunteer time, talent, and treasure to help our parish be a blessing to our community through their compassionate service to others. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

General Intercessions

•Jesus we pray for All the Peoples especially those suffering in the east coast of the United States, China, Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, Colombia and Mexico, Somalia, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Sudan – especially Darfur – and in Ethiopia, Zambia, Zaire, Libya, Iran, Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria, the Philippines, N&S Korea, Israel and Palestine, Indonesia, and in other conflicts or disasters both natural and man-made over the entire world. We pray for the people who have gone to those places to help, and we pray for the people who have donated time and money to help the helpers.

•  We pray for Christians, and for people of all faiths, who are being persecuted for their beliefs.
•  We also pray that those who fear they cannot or should not be forgiven will find that your mercy exceeds all their fears.
•  We pray for the conversion of sinners everywhere. Help them to nurture and cherish the spark of your Spirit that dwells in every living soul.
•  We pray for the children and youths, especially on our island. We ask that you will watch over them and reveal yourself to them through the loving care of family and community so they can recognize and embrace God’s infinite love for them.
•  Bless and protect the lives and works of the gallant men and women who serve in our Armed Forces around the world. For those who are in the greatest danger in combat zones, send your mighty angels to stand with them against our foes.


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