Intercessory Prayer List

This list is based on requests to the MBN for our intercession. It is updated periodically, so please return here often. Thank you for visiting her. May God richly bless you for the time you spend here praying for with and about our brothers and sisters who ask us to stand with them before God’s Throne. Sections in Italics are new.

Intercessory PRAYERS 112212
Father, I take a moment to remember everyone in the Moon Beam Network. Watch over them all. Bless them. Protect them. Guide them. Direct them. Keep them all safe from any harm or danger in body mind and spirit. See to their temporal needs and continue to call them all to a deeper spiritual awareness of and commitment to you through Jesus. Increase their faith and fill them with your Light. Bless everyone who prays for us and everyone who asks for our prayers. Bless all of us with the will to do small things with great love, that love which we share among all of the members of the Moon Beam Network. Likewise bless everyone I have ever loved and everyone who has ever loved me, and anyone who has ever loved them, for the love we have comes from You through Your Son Jesus the Christ by the ministry of The Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Prayer for Vocations
Heavenly Father, Your Divine Son taught us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his vineyard. We earnestly beg you to bless our Diocese and our world with many priests, deacons, and religious who will love you fervently, and who will spend their lives, gladly and courageously, in service to Your Son’s Church, especially the poor and needy.
Bless our families and our children, and choose from our homes those whom you desire for this holy work. Teach them to respond generously and keep them ever faithful in following Your Son, Jesus Christ, that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the inspiration of Saint Damien and Saint Marianne the Good News of Redemption will be brought to all.
Father we also pray for those men and women who have already answered Your call as St. Damien and Saint Marianne did. Strengthen and guide them in serving You through the work that they do. Bless them for the sacrifices they make to bring souls into the Kingdom. We especially pray for your servants who go out into the world as missionaries to carry the Good News and the Sacraments to every land and nation.
Please, Lord, touch also the hearts and minds of our laity to come forward to serve in the ministries of our parishes and encourage many parishioners to volunteer time, talent, and treasure to help our parish be a blessing to our community through their compassionate service to others. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

General Intercessions

•Jesus we pray for All the Peoples especially those suffering in the east coast of the United States, China, Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, Colombia and Mexico, Somalia, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Sudan – especially Darfur – and in Ethiopia, Zambia, Zaire, Libya, Iran, Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Egypt and Syria, the Philippines, N&S Korea, Israel and Palestine, Indonesia, and in other conflicts or disasters both natural and man-made over the entire world. We pray for the people who have gone to those places to help, and we pray for the people who have donated time and money to help the helpers.

•  We pray for Christians, and for people of all faiths, who are being persecuted for their beliefs.
•  We also pray that those who fear they cannot or should not be forgiven will find that your mercy exceeds all their fears.
•  We pray for the conversion of sinners everywhere. Help them to nurture and cherish the spark of your Spirit that dwells in every living soul.
•  We pray for the children and youths, especially on our island. We ask that you will watch over them and reveal yourself to them through the loving care of family and community so they can recognize and embrace God’s infinite love for them.
•  Bless and protect the lives and works of the gallant men and women who serve in our Armed Forces around the world. For those who are in the greatest danger in combat zones, send your mighty angels to stand with them against our foes.

And remember these intentions in your Mercy:

† ARG – Blessings and Peace, great happiness with family

† AL – Reconciliation with family members. God’s will for her ex and her kids.

† ATM: renew her spirit in the renewal of her faith

† AL >>> Health for children, gentle spirit, decreased anger and stress, put an end to those online rants. Redirect behavior at work.

† AJB & family >>> Bless the whole family with your Peace. Affirm and prosper their work. Take care of child A. Protect Je. Bless. Strengthen A.

† KB ~~~ Foil plans for divorce. Disrupt mother’s influence. Rebuke the demons pulling this person away from marriage vows. Offer complete conversion of heart, mind, and spirit so that he will help children and reunite with spouse.

† BL >> Vocation, strength, and sanctity. Validate htat call to religious life. Same for sibling J.

BF and husband LF ~~Strength, hope, healing, and health for B as she battles cancer in multiple organs – a battle already 7 1/2 years long. Send her your Healing Angels and bless her with the prayer-filled love of family,  friends, and the whole MBN.

† BW&DW >> continued healing, access to healthcare, full recovery. Thank you for the help and healing already received. Strength for the long recovery after surgery.

† B.L. : recovery from multiple chemical dependencies.

† Broken Marriages – Reconciliation >+<. Dissipate the anger and hurt and open hearts to reconciliation through love.

† BC and Community >>> Blessings on him, his mission, and his community, strength to fight of the attacks against the mission, more engagements. Resolve the sources for payment of his mortgage. Protect his family and home & A, S, T, R, E, N, J, M, J, and especially their unborn child. Guide all his decisions about relocating and about his call to minister differently Traveler’s Mercies everyday. Bless all who partner with him in this ministry.

† CJ- conversion – born-again experience. Healing from loved-one’s betrayal. Fall in love with Jesus. Make a new relationship work.

† CT – sobriety NOW, health, stable work and home life. Help find a better job.

† CD&SD+ K, D, and L – Continued success & health & a good job for all . THANKS! K & D – Safety and success at the University.

† C, S, Z – stability, joyous faith, a welcoming & inspiring church. Thanks for deepening friendship.

† CR ~~~ Successful therapy and rehabilitation following a very serious stroke. Support and strength for family & friends helping her.

† MF – Get that surgery. Prevent cancer. Ever increasing strength and grace.
† C&S, health, continued remission, financially significant work. Hope. Help C’s boss to back off.

† C&S – health and comfort despite aging

† Clergy & Religious in our Diocese – sanctity, wisdom, strength. Bless our Bishop.

† Clergy & Religious, laity, pastors, and teachers in our past – thanksgiving and praise

† CK&TM ~~ Hope, healing, & health leading to Joy, marriage, & a child.

† CR – Peace in mind and spirit, smooth transition, good job, confidence. Traveler’s mercies and safety. Protect the heart’s romance. Fully healthy body, mind, and spirit.

† CC {~} Strength, hope, peace, and victory in this present hour of trial.

† CA@work – many blessings for colleagues and subordinates. Wellness, energy, rest, and another job or fruitful retirement soon.

† C&G – renewed remission & successful treatment w/o severe side-effects leading to recovery

† D&C – health and security, reconciliation with others and with the past.

† DM >>> Peace and Power in the Holy Spirit  True Love and Happiness! Marry as intended.

† D&P – health and security, reconciliation, many blessings for their generosity.

† DB :: the affirmation & success he seeks.

† DL ~~ Cancer plus vision and back problems. Remission and relief from pain.

† DW and family ~~~ Bless him, his home, and all in his household. Give them all reasons to praise you and to enjoy the grace of your presence in their lives.

† Dc. M – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise, health, support for his mission, strength for his new responsibilities.

† DB (spouse of J) – healing and health, strength for therapy. Thanks for such great progress.

† DN + C, D, D, B, & K – Peace of mind, strength, endurance, respite. C’s conversion and salvation. Kick drugs including alcohol. Come back to church, regain sobriety and composure.

† DG – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise. Successful witness evangelization. Spouse’s conversion and salvation, improvement of diabetes and short-term memory. Full recovery for fil G. Eternal rest and Peace with God and all his angels and Saints for Mom.

† DP ~~~Strength and renewal after recent losses. Blessings the new mission and continued benefits to the people – especially the children – helped in Haiti.

† DH >>> Peace and spiritual renewal, will to live, spiritual, psychological, and physical healing, joy in interacting with family and friends! Reconcile with You for Peace.

† D&S ~~~ Continued remission of all cancers and healing in all healthcare issues in both of them. Daughter return to self-support. Son full-time doable work. Mom Strength to say NO when necessary. Restructure the love and dependency between parents and children. Bless the granddaughter. Bring S back to church.

† DR – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise – contact::Thank you!!

† CPF – proper use of his gifts for the benefit of others

† EP & Staff – CONVERSION Born-Again Christians!!

† ECP >>> healing and health for feet and knees.  Companionship. Confirm and increase his spiritual gifts.

† EL >>> Successful treatment and full recovery from her cancer.

† FP & family – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his studies, financial assistance

† FO >> Hope, Healing, and Health – full recovery on this second round. Continued improvements in her therapy and recovery.

† FR>>> healing and relief from his psoriasis. Much thanks and praise for the relief already received.

† FJ  Continued sobriety.

† Fr. B– blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his NEW work, Traveler’s safety. Guidance for MBN.

† Fr. B & staff – OLF&OFM – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his work; health and freedom from pain, funds for the little stone church, a director for Talbot House. Safe travels and a good life in Jamaica.

† Fr. C – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; health; success in his work, Traveler’s safety. Improve personal health, strength for the changes coming. Thank you for his support and encouragement. Bless Fr. C with a full and speedy recovery. Strength for second round. Less pain.

† Fr. EV, Fr. AR, Fr. AS, Fr. JO ~~ blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in their ministries

† Fr. EF & St. Joseph the Worker Parish – thanks for rebuilding the church, – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his work

† Fr. PM – Our brother: blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his work, blessings in, from, and for his new parish.

† Fr. PD & Fr. A/P~~Seminarians – many good priests – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in their work

† Fr. RR – Examination of conscience, causes, refinement of his message if it is not of The Spirit. Many blessings for all the lives and hearts his work has lifted closer to you.

† Fr. RS & staff – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his work; comfort in his trials, strength for his journey. Gift him with much love! Guidance, energy, & wisdom as Vicar Forane. Successful diagnosis and treatment.

† Fr. RoD ~~~ Love and respect be given to comfort him in his moving away from us. Great blessings in and for his new location. Build a lasting friendship with the MBN

† Fr. SC and Seminarians – many good priests, – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in his work and in their formation.

† Fr. VM ~~~ Blessings, thanksgiving, and praise, Full and speedy recovery. Peaceful retirement, meaningful improvement in his legs.

† GM for continued favorable deployments and a safe return (thanks!!) blessings & success in her business for N; enrich and strengthen her faith. Protect and bless the kids. Keep G safe. Give R full health.

† H’s family and all who care for family for their roles as caregivers and care-needers

† JM~~~Successful treatment and recovery leading to lasting healing.

† J&G – Happiness, safety, security, peace

† J&I – health and faith, continued joy together. Thank you!!

† J&U >>> Safety, comfort, Joy, lasting happiness together and with their families.

† JHN ~~~ Bless him, his home, and all in his household. Give them all reasons to praise you and to enjoy the grace of your presence in their lives. Help him be less angry.

† JK & family – courage, health, and faith, successful management of his illness.

† J&D & family – deliverance from temporal and health problems, resolution of family problems, fully successful surgery and recovery. Rebuke the causes of these illnesses. Thank you!! JJ: reconciliation, end the meth.

† J&S – Security; and success in their ministries.

† JR @ prison unjustly accused: let truth & justice prevail.

† J, C, &J Health security safety continued jobs much love.

† JC & family::reconnect and reestablish closeness. PLEASE. THANK YOU. Bless K with endless unconditional love for J.

† JL :: Continued remission and good health. Blessings for his generosity and gifts of leadership. Bless the whole family and all their households.

† JR >>> get out of drugs and into Christ; T too. Guide them both to the help they need. Strengthen J&C in their faith and prayers.

† KV – rest, health, security, and freedom from pain, come visit

† KW >>> relief from her pain, successful treatments, surgery, and recovery. M~Success with Food Pantry

† KL & family + L&T – great love, peace of heart and mind, financial health and security. Help Kat through the changes she is experiencing so she can go on in her education. Bless DMand J with health.

† Kelli Lizama >>> Positive outlook, end of depression, end of running away, deep love for herself and her family.

† KD – preserve him from evil and despair, improve his health, grant him release and relief, help him keep a place to stay and a job. Alleviate all health issues. Deliver him to the angels who will rescue him from his demons. Thank you for some signs of progress.

† K&L ~~~ Bless them, their home, and all in their household. Give them all reasons to praise you and to enjoy the grace of your presence in their lives. Intervene on K’s behalf, help T find her way. Redirect T’s path. Relieve and release L’s bitter & abusive anger. Help K provide true fatherly leadership.

† KA – Bless her for her generosity, fill her with True Love, and True Joy in her faith. Bring her into a nurturing relationship.

† J&S & family – resolution and reconciliation leading to peace and reunion, renewed health.

† K, L, E, and family – hope peace joy and love, common sense, deliverance from current troubles. Help alleviate their financial difficulties. Grant the energy, skills, and humility to fulfill plans. Calm fears.

† MG – thanksgiving and praise, permanent remission, no return of illness of any kind. Help deal with the scar tissue that is making her sick. Thank you!!I

† M, C & family – Help resolve deep-seated family issues and reunite the family
† MJM >>> for her witness and invitation — Many sweet blessings

† MBN everywhere.

† ME & family: hope peace joy and love,  – Great job with benefits, (
† NG & family  }}} {Holy Spirit you spoke to us “All will be well.” Open our hearts, our minds, our eyes, and our ears to accept God’s will and actions and in all things to do what is right and just. Grant health, safety, and peace of mind to every family member. For N teach her that her rebellion is foolish; bring her back.

† NAS  Relief from her chornic conditions; genuine love for a very special other. Thanks for the house! Care during move to NV

† Nina Saraos ♪♫♫♫ blessings and praise; help with studies,
† Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani <~> Thank you for his deliverance. Please also come to the aid of his attorney  Mohammed Ali Dadkhah who was recently imprisoned.

† CP >>> Protect her from cancer and from the fear of cancer. Give her strength in her work and in her roles as daughter, sister, wife, and mother. Deep faith renewal.
† PB :: Recovery from addictions. Get into a home-life. Honor his mom G.

† Priests and Religious, retired – a rich life full of meaning and rest.

† RL >> Successful 12-step recovery, improved mental and physical health, resolution of all health problems, get sober.

† CR ~~~ Grant him a recommitted heart that desires Faith and Godliness above all other things so he will lead his family to church every Sunday. Turn him away from the Cyclops god.

† RN – stay on his meds and stay employed

† R&D – a life of peace and quiet. Successful rehab for R. Full recovery based on lifestyle changes. Strength for D.

† RH & all colleagues at work– many blessings and successes for their generosity. Help R succeed in that astrophysics program.

† RF  & family – hope peace joy and great love, put God above everything else, deeper-realer-stronger faith, deepening. Help R grow up smart, strong, and faithful.

† Sacred Heart Seminarians Nick Brown and Pila Tulua – many good priests, – blessings, thanksgiving, and praise; success in their studies

† S&C – continued remission. Meaningful financially suitable work. Wisdom and energy for C at work.

† SMV and his wife L~~hope, healing, healthy retirement. Stay with CDF as long as possible.

† S&P: >>> Their health and safety, accept Christ as their Savior.

† SM >> True love & confidence, a dream to hold onto. Safe trip. Marry B IF he can be an excellent husband. No more GFWB. Good move and great job. Conversion & Salvation & stop the vulgarity & binging lifestyle.

† TH – employment and security, full-time, permanent job offer in God’s will. Gentle hospice for brother-in-law TW

† T1F  and the whole family >>> Blessings for their gifts; success in their efforts for T2’s conversion, repayment of what he’s had to pay to get T2 out of trouble, commitment to witnessing to Timothy for conversion. Health, long life, fewer burdens.

† Troy and all our military in places of combat in Afghanistan – safety for him and for his comrades, peace of mind for his parents

† TM – a call to a vocation. Show me who can lead him if this IS your will.

† V&S – blessings and peace as they finish out their life together


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