A special letter to my Catholic friends:

October 6, 2010
Aloha pumehana, Beloved!

This is a special, off-schedule mailing to a subset of the Moon Beam Network mailing list. I want to share with you my excitement and anticipation of the Advent Season, literally 52 DAYS FROM TODAY. Why? Because that will be the beginning of preparations for the installation of The Revised Roman Missal.

“What’s that?” you say. The American version of the Roman Missal is the book that contains all of the texts we use in the liturgies of the Mass – all the Eucharistic prayers, the feast days for Saints on the Church calendar, the various prayers used for special occasions, and the instructions to Priests on postures, gestures, and silent prayers used during Mass.

For several years, now Theologians, Linguists, Canon Law Scholars, and scores of others – including the USCCB – have been working on a revision of the Roman Missal. There will be some changes in many portions of the Mass. Lectors will perhaps be the least-affected ministry. Priests, Deacons, and musicians will experience the biggest changes.

As we near the beginning of Advent 2011, which marks the transition line between the current and future Missals, it will be an opportune time to learn more about the changes, the reasons for the changes, and what we can do to assist our fellow parishioners, Priests and Deacons, choir members, and visitors in our parish. To assist you with that, I am sending several links which can help you with your personal preparation. Local Bishops and Parish Priests will also be giving us information on what to expect and how to better understand these changes.

For those of us living in Hawaii, I direct your attention to page 8 of the Hawaii Catholic Herald. There is a full-page article there. You can also find additional information from our Diocesan Newspaper at http://www.hawaiicatholicherald.com/. For those of you living on the mainland, you can look for similar resources in your Diocese and Parish services.

This is an exciting time, and I invite you to share with each other, with your families, and your fellow parishioners the opportunity to study and make in-depth preparations for this transition. For me, the excitement is closely related to my reasons for choosing to become a Catholic. Every day at every hours of the day there is a Mass being said tht is exactly the same as the Mass I can attend. We are all praying the same prayers, all performing the same rites, all hearing the same Word proclaimed, and all worshipping God in remembrance of Christ’ death, resurrection, and pending return to us. Now we have a link that strengthens the unanimity of those prayers heard ’round the world. This first link is the announcement of the “recognito,” the acceptance of the new translation by the Vatican:

This is a site fully devoted to providing information about the revisions:

These sites will provide additional information and background:


I hope you will “catch the fire” and help the Church more forward through this transition. May the Holy spirit inspire all of us to quickly and firmly embrace these long-awaited changed.

Here is a sample of some of the changes. You can find this in the above-mentioned issue of The Hawaii Catholic Herald © 2010 Diocese of Honolulu

These changes will take some practice and mental preparation. The sites listed above may be useful in your personal preparations so you can participate in the processes of preparations in your parish and Diocese. The Diocese of Honolulu has already started training Clergy and parish leaders. You will see more articles in the Hawaii Catholic Herald, you will hear more about all of these marvelous changes at Mass and in workshops throughout the coming year. The first use of the Revised Roman Missal will be the First Sunday of Advent, 2011.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,


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