Aloha Friday Message – July 20, 2007 – Poems to My Peace 4


Happy Aloha Friday. Part 4 of Poems to My Peace. Like the picture? That is the star Sirius; seriously, it’s Sirius. To my eye, it appears to be golden in color. It is the brightest star in the sky.


Her embrace is so complete
that I am lost in wonder.
As she moves against my senses,
I am numbed by her magnificence.

In her dark eyes
there is the twinkling
like the only golden star
in a summer dream night;
that one star that
winks at you
and seems to know your name.

I know the same of her.
It is a secret name
written on the hearthstone
in the only house
where I’ve never been alone.

Thus knowing, I have no need to know.
I am free to share with her,
naked and unashamed.
——— ——— ———
When surrounded by Peace, the World seems less intrusive, and the demands it makes are seen as foolishness when compared to Peace. The feeling of a special calling to consort with Peace is very reassuring and comforting. The sense of recognition that characterizes this meeting arises from deep with my self, a place deep in my heart where I have never been alone because Peace is always there with me regardless of whether or not I am aware of her Presence. Even that awareness is unnecessary because the intimacy we share is so complete that there is nothing to hide away, nothing to hide from, and nothing to hide behind.

========= ========= =========
Well, as I write this, Willie and Crucita are winging their way to Phoenix. I believe the PC description of his visit would be “It was an interesting experience.” We’ll be better able to advise Tommy and Maria, and beyond that Willie’s teachers and so on, about his future opportunities to learn.

Tommy and Maria are looking forward to his return, but even more so is his younger brother Charles. There’s a good, strong bond between those boys. Miranda Marie, of course, is too young to pick up on the difference, but I’m sure William will be glad to see her. He truly does miss his family.

Just to let you know, the MBN continues to grow. Several more members have been added to this mailing list, and it is my hope that each of you has extended the reach of the MBN by including other persons within your own circle of loved ones.

Here is part of an essay on Peace. Some of you might even recognize it as part of something else.

Surpassing Peace

The mystery that arises out of the sharing of life and love is both wonderful and terrifying, a really, really big and deep mystery; or, so we think. The solution to that mystery is exquisitely simple — which is probably why we soften discount it and try to find something else to explain it. The solution to this mystery of what makes life tick is “Everyone makes choices, and there are no inconsequential acts.”

Every time I hear that, even if I’m the one saying it, my head goes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what’s the REAL answer?” I want to see into the mind of God (the male perspective) and I want God to see into my heart (the female perspective), and I think both of those things can happen if only I knew how to do WHATEVER it takes to get those things done.

Thing is, neither of them is doable by me. If I COULD see into God’s mind [a] I wouldn’t know what I was looking at, and [b] that’s just not survivable. God DOES see into my heart, but he sees all of it, not just the stuff I think he should be looking at. The best I can do is to choose Him rather than me. If I am full of myself, there’s not enough room for Him and the choices I make will be my choices, not His. If I empty myself, I lose my identity (which in worldly terms is the ultimate sin), but HE becomes my life. So what’s the guideline then? How do I choose God and not myself?

That hits the nail on the head, Beloved. It’s love; not exactly what the Beatles were talking about when they said, “All you need is love,” or (even worse) Lennon’s “Imagine there’s to heaven,” but like what St. Paul said, “Peace that surpasses all understanding.” That comes only from unconditional love — AGAPE love. Humans cannot achieve that level of love perfectly all of the time, and when we do, it’s really more of an accident more often than not; we forget to be selfish. Still, when it happens, it’s so wonderful!! It’s like God answers our prayers.
…….. To Be Continued.

Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever — at your service.

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