Aloha Friday Message – December 23, 2016 – 47th Christmas Letter


The Todd Family 47th Annual Christmas Border Letter

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¡Que la bendicion este siempre con ustedes y que Dios los bendiga, Amados! (May blessing always be with you and may God bless you, Beloved!) It’s been quite a year, this 2016. So much has happened, but not much of it happened to us. Crucita and I have been working very hard at continuing our “quietly retired” routine. Except it’s not so quiet and not so retired

Crucita has been busy with two Retired Teachers organizations. She’s been the Vice-President of one and an active participant in another. Best of all, though, she’s been substitute teaching at our Parish’s St. Catherine of Alexandria School. She’s subbed grades 1-12; so far she’s not subbed for the  Kindergarten. Too many really-tiny people! She loves the kids and they sure do love her. If the 4th graders see her, they ask if she’s subbing for their class. If she is subbing for the 2nd graders, the 4th graders are all sad; if one teacher calls her to come in and another teacher has already booked her, the kids and the teacher are all sad.

We both stay busy with our commitments to our Parish. It is a great joy in our lives to be in such a wonderful Parish where we have many friends and plenty to do. The best job in the parish -for both of us -is teaching the Rite of Christian Initiation classes. This year we have eight children enrolled!! Chick is still Chair of the Pastoral Council. That will allegedly end on April 15, 2017. The council has gotten a lot of important work done that has helped put the Parish in a leadership role in the Diocese. He’s still working 16 hours a week, but that, too, is coming to an end 12/31/16. From that point forward, he will work as a consultant on a contractual basis. Even working 16 hours a week has been difficult, so we are both looking forward to a lighter schedule soon. ‘

We’ve thought about moving to the Mainland, but the Lord has work for us to do here. Somehow we’re still making the bills and buying the groceries (as is evidenced by certain physical changes). After the first of the year, we hope to start up an exercise program in the gym -which is in our basement! We are hoping for a big burst of will-power to get that started. (Heh-heh-heh-heh-heeeeeeehhhhh!)

Both of us have some health issues to deal with, and that makes taking care of the house, the yard, and the finances a little more complicated. Nothing hugely serious, but certainly we are noticing that being old is not a heckuva lot of fun. Getting older was OK, but being old … exists at negative pressure to the rest of the universe, For Chick, travel is pretty much out of the question, and that’s rough on Crucita who would enjoy living out our dream of hitting the road and seeing America. Perhaps if the exercise works out well, that will become possible.

Tim is still working in New Orleans and doing pretty well as a street musician. He and his girlfriend, Rhianna, have worked together well to keep their life together a success. Cherie is in Loudon, TN working at a nice seafood restaurant there. Both of them communicate regularly via phone or Facebook. Chick and Crucita both have Facebook accounts. Come look us up.

We also hope you’ve come visit here if you can, and of course we want everyone to go to Chick’s blog – The Moon Beam Network at

To sum it up, we’re doing pretty well, and still crazy in love. We’ll close with our traditional

Christmas Blessing:

May Hope and Peace and Joy and Love
Be yours in the coming of the Christ Child!

Hope Peace Love Joy

Hope Peace Love Joy


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