Aloha Friday – June 3, 2005


Aloha nui loa, my friend! Hope you’re doing well. It seems the change of seasons always stirs SOMEthing up! Like “In Spring a young man’s fancy . . .” Well, it happens to young ladies, too, and if you’re lucky, those “fancies” just keep on a-turnin’ whether you’re a guy or a gal!

We’re reminded of that a bit more often as T & E get closer and closer to The WEDDING Day. 36 days from today if my math is right. We’re all looking forward to it. As many people CAN be there WILL be there, and the rest will be there in spirit.

We’ve had a beautiful week this past week (since last Friday). Crucita and I went ahead with that camping adventure — pitched the tent on the sun deck and camped out overnight. We were planning on playing the first three Star Wars movies, but our TV/VCR hit the crapper, and we couldn’t play the tapes, so we just watched the Big Dipper until we got really sleepy and went to bed. Not surprisingly, at our age, that didn’t take long! But staying asleep was another matter . . . for me anyway.

Hercules — our adolescent, nearly-male but otherwise-all-boy cat — had decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat, so he was not IN the house. He was UNDER the house concocting fantasies about catching and eating Free Range Red Jungle Fowl (see above). Never happened. Never gonna happen. He did, however, manage to tangle three times in one night with a seriously demented totally black feral tom cat. That had me out of the tent and scuttling down the “steps” (more like ladder rungs) of the Sun Deck trying to break up the fight. Herc came back to the house (reluctantly after being trapped by my clever ruse which cornered him in our Lanai Shower Room) three days later. Meanwhile, the camping trip was . . . swell! We really did have fun, and we’ll probably do it again!

School will be over for Crucita on June 8. I think I’ll send her to the Spa at the Kaua`i Marriott for a ½ day “excursion.” Then she’ll be starting her remodeling/rebuilding projects and getting ready for Montana July 1-15. After that, we’ll be back home and waiting for the Duke-Todds to get to Kaua`i after a honeymoon on Maui.

Thanks ever so much for your thoughts and prayers. That means so much! Special people like you handle that in an extraordinary way. God bless you, and I bless you too — every day.


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