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Do you have a Prayer Request you wish to share with the MBN? You can post it here. It will be reviewed and posted as quickly as possible. We urge you to use only initials instead of names, try not to make your request age- or gender-specific unless that is essential and do not list any personal identifies such as your community name, your phone number or address, or any other unique identifiers. Here is an example:

For BB: Pray for successful surgery results for an operation later this week. Also pray for a speedy and effective recovery as well as strength and wisdom for all the caregivers.

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24 Responses to Prayer Requests

  1. Alette says:

    Once again I bring my request for prayers from MBN for a wonderful lady I met recently. She is the best friend of a cousin, Jay. I was so pleased to meet Becki who was exactly the kind of friend we all wish for. She has a sweet, sweet smile and that angelic look in the eyes that make them twinkle when she talks to you like she is directly connected to God. You know the kind! Becki has battled cancer for 7 1/2 years. First ovarian (which we know is a miracle she is still here from that one), colon, lymph nodes, and now possibly lung ( if I got the FB message right), and some other health issues. She related to me how she feels the prayers when they are rendered by her dear friend Jay. I just know the MBN can assist with yet more miracles. I talked to Becki about the request and she agreed to having me make it. We can include her hubby Larry as he takes the best care of her, and of course Jay who is that same kind of friend. I love having her in my life!

  2. Papa Eddie says:

    Please pray for my Uncle Jimmy. James Robbins was the last remaining sibling my mom had. Dolores Mercedes Robbins was born in Arizona on January, 30, 1929. Her youngest brother Kimo/Jimmy was born on January 20, 1930, also in Tucson, Arizona. He died today 9-26-2012 at 3:34 p.m. at Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Gladys Demello Robbins and only daughter, Gail Robbins, both of Ulupa Street, Kailua, O’ahu. May he rest in peace. Eternal Peace grant unto him O Lord! Please, also, say a prayer of healing for me. I was ‘stuck’ in Wilcox Memorial Hospital. Hospital from Sat., 9-15-2012 until my 61st birthday, Friday, 9-21-2012… Recovering slowly at home…

  3. Alisha G says:

    I am requesting prayer for happiness in love, a financial breakthrough and career success. Bless you!

  4. MBN member DG says:

    My father-in-law Gene Gilpin is in the hospital not doing well. He has two blood clots, one in his brain and one in his lung. He is also bleeding internally where they just removed a cancerous tumor in his large intestines. I am worried about his salvation. Please take a moment to pray for him for the next several days that he will know the Joy of Salvation.

  5. chick says:

    Fire Prayers
    Hi everyone,
    I am just asking for good thoughts and prayers for my sister and her husband. It looks like one of the fires has gutted their neighborhood just North of Colorado Springs. They were able to get out with some valuables, the dogs, the parrot, and photos and keepsakes. They are, at the moment, with their daughter and son-in-law who live in a pretty safe place North and East of where my sister’s home is…….what a horrible experience for them…………..and for so many people.
    We have heard on television that the fires are likely started by arsonists………….awful……….
    Hi Folks!

    It feels a little be strange to be part of a happening that has become national news, i.e. speaking of the Waldo Canyon Wildfire here in the Colorado Springs area.

    Here’s the scoop.

    Susie and I and our three doggies are OK and still in our home. The evacuation area affecting 32,000 city/county residents so far has come as close as Filmore St which is about 600 yards west of us. We have not received any type of evacuation call notice (either alert, perparatory or mandatory in effect). We have made some emergency preparations for evacuation if we receive notice from the city to leave.

    I just happen to to be the pastor on-call from our church this week and there have been a number of fire-related calls – mostly from people who are evacuees or worried seeking temporary refuge and/or prayer which the church is providing so “Waldo” is keeping me busy.

    Allow me to note that this (wildfire) is highly unusual for Colorado Springs. No one has any recollection of a wildfire like the one we are experiencing since Saturday. This matches up with another pre-disposing fact which is that no one recalls drought conditions like we have been living in for the last 2-3 years where the annual precipitation historicall averages ~ 18-20 inches. That doesn’t sound like much to start with and it’s not but it is enough to keep our area green and resistant to out-of-control monsters like “Waldo”. Actual precip in the last 2-3 years has been about 35% of that historical average. That’s REALLY dry!

    We (our home location) also have a unique condition where we live which is directly across from a middle school athletic complex. That complex has become part of the Incident Command Staging Area and is being used as an encampment and transportation center for the firefighters (some 1,000 at last count) and incoming resources to fight the fire. Our street which normally sees steady but moderate traffic is a solid stream many of who we think are rubber-neckers looking for “watch party” spots or evacuees fleeing the fire. We have offered to take in some evacuees but have not been tapped so far.

    We would appreciate your prayers, especially for the emen and women on the fire-lines.

    Take care and GBU.

  6. CeW says:

    Chick sez: Please continue to pray for Gerri who is among the MBN members battling cancer. Here’s an update on her condition:

    Gerri doesn’t have any energy (blood count is low). She ‘got’ another 2-units of platelets on Mon and 1-unit today. We go back to Oncologist tomorrow to recheck ‘blood count’ – may have to get packed cells on Friday (?). We’re still hanging tough and Thanking the Lord for every day. ~~CeW

  7. Fr. Chuck Faso says:

    During the last two weeks, because I have been passing blood, I have had a CT scan and a Cystoscopy. These tests helped the doctor find the source of the bleeding – a polyp in my bladder. On June 18th, I will return to Northwestern Hospital for the removal of this large tumor. The follow-up care will be determined after that. Perhaps nothing more need be done. And perhaps….. Please send a prayer and some positive energy my way. This is another first for me in these 71 years of living

  8. TH says:

    Chick, I do have a prayer request. My brother-in-law, RW, has just found out he has cancer in some lymph nodes. He has been thru a lot, bypass, several stents, a mass removed from his appendix, a mass removed from his lung, a fistula…it just seems to go on and on. The worst is that he is growing despondent with all that has happened. It is my hope that he will find strength to continue to fight. Thanks for putting this intention out to the Moonbeam community. TH

  9. MBN says:

    From SER: I had surgery 02/02/2012. If I could ask you for a little prayer to help me through recovery and not to fall behind in my college. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

  10. MBN in Arizona says:

    Please add R.H. to your prayer list. He had a stroke Friday morning. This time it was a bleeder instead of a blockage like the last one. His speech was slightly affected and is getting better. We hope he’ll be home soon.

  11. Fr. Chuck Faso says:

    Dear Family and Friends,

    On Monday Morning, October 17, my sister Polly suffered a cardiac arrest. Her potassium level was at 9.8. (Usually 7-8 level of potassium in the blood is fatal.)

    The doctors at Franciscan St James Hospital in Chicago Heights gave her heart four electric shocks and then did compressions for any hour – her heart began beating.

    Immediate dialysis brought her potassium level to 5 (3 to 5 is normal). She continues to struggle for breath and life.

    A breathing tube brings air to her lungs. Blood pressure goes up and down. She is alert at times and responds with a nod of her head or a squeeze of the hand.

    Needless to say, she is much pain.

    Polly’s favorite saying for many years has been: “It is what it is!” She is strength for us all. My sister Mary and I with relatives and friends are keeping

    vigil in the ICU at St James.

    Please remember Polly in your prayer. Thank you very much. Blessings in abundance on you and your family.

    Fr Chuck Faso, OFM

  12. Chick says:

    Just learned that my brother, John, was admitted to the hospital for his 41st abdominal surgery. The illness and the pain are unrelenting. we are asking for prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery that leads to a full recovery and freedom from the pain and illness.

    • Chick says:

      From John’s wife: Happy to say it went just as expected. He will have a wound vac from KCI starting Tues. Turns out it was old mesh got all balled up in that lower quarter, got it out BEFORE it had a chance to do any damage to his intestines. All 3 wounds on top of his stomach have healed completely closed so now we just have to get this area to heal and see where we go from there. Thank you for all your prayers its such a comfort to know that. .I will send updates as they happen. Love to you all, Dixie .

  13. CB says:

    Prayer chain needed… Prayers need to go out for a FB friend,Audrin King & her family. Her 2 yr old daughter was just diagnosed w/ Stage 4 cancer. If you see this post, (even if you don’t know her) God knows her…Please post this for 1 hour and say a prayer for this little girl… The power of prayer speaks volumes… Please repost & God Bless you all♥♥

  14. A NN MaryW KK AndyW MaryK All others diagnosed with Life threatening diseses says:

    I would like to ask our family of believers for prayers of healing for those being treated for lifethreatening diseases like cancer and aids etc. and we ask this because we believe Jesus is our Lord and Healer of all illnessess Amen

  15. A NN MaryW KK AndyW MaryK All others diagnosed with Life threatening diseses says:

    Lord I ask that you may have mercy on those we know and care about to even ask You for your healing for you are the most compassionate Lord we ask this through your son Jesus our Lord and Savior

  16. NS says:

    For Emi Pierce: Praying right NOW- Lord we ask that you enter in to rescue to heal to bring Emily back to wholeness.. I ask that every cell in her body come under Your Lordship & every virus or bacteria or unhelpful cell be washed out of her body.. strengthen & help her immune & lymph system to fight this battle mightily & give her strength and courage to trust you as you touch her.. amen

  17. Anonymous says:

    A very dear friend, L, is facing a biopsy on Feb 24, 2011. The questionable area is under the scar of a lumpectomy 5+ years ago. She’s been through treatments and took recommended medications for 5 years. I believe the prayers of the MBN can help with the outcome of this. Thanks so much!

  18. Gini says:

    Absolutely,I will pray for Jorey.

  19. Gini says:

    Please pray for my son P.A. B. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He overdosed 2 weeks ago and has been in ICU. Physically he is better, but his mental health is really in jeopardy. He desperately needs prayers to overcome this addiction that is killing him, and to recover from blood clots in his lungs.
    Thanks so much………..and thanks “Chick” for this great website………

    • chick says:

      This will go into the daily Morning Prayer List. I can repost in the next AFC message.

      • GC says:

        Here we are 2;-2013, 3 years from above request. PB is still addicted, living in a shelter in Phoenix , and waiting to get onto disabilty, the only option open to him now. Please continue to pray for him. He is still addicted, and dealing with Psychiatric Dx as well. He is in God’s hands. Thank you…….

        • Chick Todd says:

          PB has never left the prayer list since that first request.

          † PB :: Recovery from addictions. Get into a home-life that will liberate him from that cycle of addiction and illness. Help him to honor his mom G.

          TO, JJ, and JR are part of the same group as PB, near the same age as well, and have pretty much the same problem. I’ll add these folks at the end of this Friday’s message

  20. chick says:


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