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Aloha Friday January 13, 2006 – NAP time!

AFC011306 It’s Aloha Friday NAP TIME!!! Yep, these are “The Babies” catching a few winkers on the bed (Can you see Zoe next to the dresser on the “Princess Tower Couch,” a.k.a. clothes hamper?). She is truly a beautiful Princess. … Continue reading

Aloha Friday – January 20, 2006

603AFC012006 Happy Aloha Friday! Good clean humor is sometimes in short supply these days, so I was very happy to receive these funny stories from another MBN member. Certainly at least worth a grin or two. A Few Good Ones … Continue reading

Aloha Friday – January 6, 2006 – The Power of Intercessory Prayer

601AFC010606 Happy Aloha Friday! Here is a message about praying. That’s the main reason we have the MBN – to be intercessors. “It’s a love thing.” Power of prayer Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat … Continue reading

2006 calendar

You can use this calendar to find the dates for Fridays in 2006 Share this:

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