Monthly Archives: November 2009

Aloha Friday Message – November 27, 2009

948AFC112709 Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved. Here is another gift from an MBN member. Please remember that “regifting” is perfectly acceptable in the MBN. Shopping for “The Holidays?” Look around wherever you go, and you will see …. I saw Jesus … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – November 20, 2009

947AFC112009 Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved! Today I am thinking about you. There is a place in my heart for each of you. This means that it is not really my heart, but our heart. Here is a little story by … Continue reading

One Quiet Note

One quiet note   If it is a gift, then it is in poor taste. Burdens like this are unfair somehow. I keep it only because it was given to me and I would not offend the Giver by laying … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – November 6, 2009 – The Red Marble

AFC110609 Happy aloha Friday! Today I want to say thank you. From time to time someone will tell me, “I sent that one to my brother (or my son, or my friend, or my dad, or …).” I really appreciate … Continue reading

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