Monthly Archives: January 2009

Aloha Friday Messge – January 30, 2009

905AFC013009 Today I would like to do something a little on the lighter side. Some of you have seen some of these recently – perhaps you might have seen all of them. I just wanted to put them all in … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – January 23, 2009

904AFC012309 We are just a week and a day away from ending the first month of 2009. We have seen some remarkable history during this month. Not all of it will be viewed as good by everyone. And of course, … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – January 16, 2009

Aloha Friday Message – January 9, 2009

902AFC010909 Do you remember this, Beloved? I am a member of the Moon Beam Network. Every hour of every day I am loved and prayed for by other members. Every time we see the moon, we remember the whole network, … Continue reading

2009 Calendar for you to use

You can use this calendar to find the dates for the Fridays in 2009. Share this:

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