Monthly Archives: May 2008

Aloha Friday Message – May 30, 2008 – Forever

AFC053008 Happy Aloha Friday! Well, I’m a bit late getting this out today. First time I tried, it crashed, so here we go again. Do you remember this image? It is “Forever Love.” I was reminded of it by some … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – May 23, 2008 – HOPE

821AFC052308 Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved. This is going to be very short because I seem to be low on resources today. I just want you to know that praying for one another really does make a difference. I know that … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – May 16, 2008

820AFC051608 It’s all good. Sometimes it is painful, but most of the time it’s not so much so that it’s unendurable. And sometimes it sad, but always in the sadness there’s something to stir up rejoicing. Sometimes it is full … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – May 9, 2008

819AFC050908 Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved. Here is a pair of stories I discovered recently. Hope you enjoy them. The frogs and the tower There once was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition. The goal was to … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – May 2, 2008 – Hello God!

What name do you use when you speak to God? Here is a short list of some of His most common names found in the Bible. Continue reading

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