Monthly Archives: September 2006

Aloha Friday Message – September 29, 2006

639AFC092906 This is one of those things that constantly circulate around the Internet – usually without much change – because it is clever and because it makes a good point. Did it really happen? Possibly, possibly not, but does that … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – September 15, 2006

637AFC091506 The most fundamental quality of God is his integrity. He is entirely singular, completely unique, ONE. HE IS as I AM WHO AM in all times and places, in all things and beings, in all dimensions known and unknown. … Continue reading

Aloha Friday Message – September 01, 2006

635AFC090106 This is a little different kind of Aloha Friday Card. I’m sending this today to commemorate my sister, Merilee. She died unexpectedly Monday evening. Indications were that some sort of embolus was the cause. The autopsy report has not … Continue reading

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