The Todd Family 50th Annual Christmas Letter – 2019


Aloha nui loa, ʻŌmea! E pili mau na pomaika‘i ia ‘oe a me ke akua ho’omaika‘i ‘oe, ʻŌmea! (May blessing always be with you and may God bless you, Beloved!) Let’s begin with the obvious: This is WAY too late for Christmas! It’s more like an Easter letter. What happened anyway, no Christmas letter? The answer is: LOTS AND LOTS OF STUFF! Let us describe for you some of the stuff that went on.

In our last letter, we mentioned that Crucita was busy planning a BIG party to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in April 2019. That was a major success, thanks largely in part because of wonderful friends who became our “Wedding Planners” – Lynn Campbell and Cheryl Monis. Our actual anniversary was April 19th, but we celebrated a week later (4/27) with a beautiful Matrimonial Mass in the afternoon followed by a luau at Smith’s Tropical Gardens on Kauaʻi. We even managed to perfect a “dance step” so we could lead off the dancing at the celebration. It was called “The Lean.”

Crucita has been shining as the President of the Kauaʻi Chapter of the Hawaiʻi State Teacher’s Association – Retired. She’s been active with two Teacher Retirement groups for several years now, and she’s on the go quite often to Oʻahu and other locations on Kauaʻi for meetings. Of course she still makes time for repairing the house (resident carpenter), clearing the yard (resident gardener), and running the household (Minister of Finance and Executive Chef). Recently she also became the new owner of a Hyundai Kona! Our Sonata literally died in the COSTCO gas station and we had to junk it.

Timothy filling in as her “Home and Garden” assistant. But he’s up to more as well – he landed a choice gig at the premiere resort on Kauaʻi. He has gigs 3-5 nights a week, plus he’s been playing with the Choir for our 9:30 Mass at St. Catherine of Alexandria Church in Kapaʻa. He has regular engagements at a couple of establishments around our island and has even traveled to the mainland. It’s been quite a year for him, and things are looking to pick up again this year with the possibility of some high-paying Mainland engagements. Try checking frequently.  He’s looking into a “vehicle upgrade,” too.

Maria Cereza who is still in a small community in Tennessee. Her sons now 16 and 13, continue to do well in school winning recognition for their academic achievements. Cherie’s work situation continues to be a struggle. She’s had a very tough year – tough, but rewarding. We hope she will be able to get out of TN with the boys and find a more settled life.

Chick’s 2018-19 was less challenging than 2017. Recuperation is now “complete,” and mobility is much improved. The focus for 2018-19 was to keep up with the weekly Aloha Friday Messages through email and online, and Terrific Tuesday messages, and weekly Stewardship and Family Bible Study postings for our Parish bulletin and Facebook page. Somehow writing a Christmas Letter just didn’t make it to the Top Ten, so (per usual) we’re running a bit behind in the News Department.

We continue to be as active in our Parish as our energies allow, and stepping back from some of those responsibilities has helped a bit. Chick’s OA makes standing still difficult and the vertebral compressions in neck and thorax make ¡Ai-YA! a frequently-used phrase (know-whada-mean?)  It’s been great, though, to have Timothy at Mass with us! Dad gets around better with the help of his “mule” Mephibosheth (a cane), and Crucita seems to be simply indefatigable.

Come visit soon if you can. We’re also on Facebook (surprise!). Be sure to check out and to join the Moon Beam Network. I moved the Subscription link to it’s easier to find. To sum it up, we’re doing pretty well, and still crazy in love (for 50+ years!). Well, there you have it. Now we know it’s not quite Christmas, nonetheless we offer our traditional Christmas blessing:

May Hope and Peace and Joy and Love
Be yours in the coming
of the Christ Child

Merry Christmas!!


Happy 2020!


Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever

— at your service, Belovéd

Carry Me …


Please pray with us here at Share-a-Prayer.

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