Aloha Friday Message – October 2, 2009


Happy Aloha Friday Beloved. This is been a tough week in the Pacific. Pacific. It seems ironic that the ocean named “Peaceable” should experience so much violence. Samoa. Sumatra in Indonesia. Philippines. Marianas. Guam and Saipan. All have experienced tragedies in the past few days with hundreds of lives lost, tens of thousands displaced from their home, and unfathomable property damage. Please take time today to pray for the souls of the dead, for strength for the survivors, and for generosity from all of us in ways that can be of help. Be generous especially in your prayers, but as much as you can, also be generous with your wallets. Last week I talked about sharing in suffering, and this is one way to do just that.

We can also share in their joy. Many of the survivors have said, “We are just glad that we are alive.” I confess that is a mystery to me. Those who have survived face deprivations of every kind for a long, long time. Nearly all have lost loved ones, property, even basic necessities like food and water, housing and sanitation. The sum of human misery is incalculable. Yet, they are glad, joyous, that they are alive. As I thought about that I came across something that really grabbed my attention.

This past couple of weeks I have been reviewing some of the notes I take on Sundays. One from January 25, 2004 – Probably a homily from Fr. Al Rubadello – was based in the readings for that day, in particular from Nehemiah, Chapter 8. This is the scene where Ezra is reading from the book of the Law of Moses which the Lord prescribed for Israel. (A few years back, in the Nixon era, there was some comment about the fact that Ezra was standing in an open space near the Water Gate.) Ezra read the law and a host of Levites instructed the people in what it meant. At first the people wept, for they had not heard the law read for many years (this was after the return from Babylon in the days of the Restoration). They were instructed to feast and rejoice for seven days.

So, here are the notes. The texts in [ ] are notes on the notes. 🙂

Ezra read from the scroll at the Water Gate [sic]. Rejoicing in the Lord must be your strength. {The Lord is my strength and my salvation…In Him I will rejoice… 7 days*} Responsorial Psalm: “Your words, O Lord are spirit and life.” Jesus is The Word. Can I be Theotokos [Θεοτόκος, God-Bearer – based n Elizabeth’s declaration when Mary visited her] AND Theophilus [The name given by Luke in the beginning of Acts, it is “One who loves God”]? Absolutely. I can carry The Word in the Love of God.]

Everything comes in parts; it is essential that we work together into unity, depending – interdepending – on each other; collaborating by design (<< Church), [and the design is always multidimensional] from π-mesons & quarks to Red Giant Stars and humongous galaxies trillions of light-years away, to the limits [?] of the universe, everything is part of something and everything has parts. Only God is different. Only God is One, undivided, and indivisible, entirely integral yet One in Three Persons. Luke reviewed everything [in Jesus’ life and in the beginnings of the early Church] 1. accurately, & 2. anew.

Reading in Nehemiah is immediately post-exile; the people had found it inconvenient to keep the law [under captivity] so, through ratiocination, ignored the law. Jesus’ radical conversion of the Kingdom from obligation to celebration, from Law to Love, from minimum obligation/requirement to the maximum participation/involvement changed everything. “Let the attitude of Christ be in you.” >> “If you’re Catholic and you know it. Clap your hands…” Today’s Healing Word: NOW!
End of notes
There are quite a number of words in the scriptures that are translated a joy or rejoice (-ing). Here are just a few of them.

Samah – spontaneous dancing, signing (simhah),
Exult Burst into leaping with joy
Euphraino To gladden the mind
Kauchaomai Glory in Boast against
Sunchairo Rejoicing together
Agalliao Rejoice Greatly, to exult.
Chairo Rejoicing over advantageous change

So, Beloved, lets us be mindful to generously give our prayers, our money, our time, our temporal and spiritual gifts to help those who have suffered and will suffer much. And let us also rejoice in the Lord for the blessings on all of us, even on those who have lost much as well as those who have lost little. “When you’re weary and cannot sleep, Count your blessings instead of sheep, And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”

Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever — at your service. Please, continue to pray for everyone on the MBN prayer list and on yours as well. We in turn will pray for everyone on your list.

Age Quod Agis
In God WE Trust (and rejoice)
Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever — at your service, Beloved!

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