St. Patrick’s – 2006

Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved!

The ideal shamrock!

Three at once

Here is a nice little meditation of groups of three. I’ve changed it a little bit so if you’ve seen it before read it carefully to see if you can spot something new.

Make it a great day! And remember: Jesus loves you, and I do to!

3 Things
Three things in life that, once gone, never come back –

1. Time
2. Words
3. Opportunity

Three things in life that can destroy a person –

1. Unfounded anger
2. Unfounded pride
3. Unforgiving heart

Three things in life that you should never lose-

1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty

Three pairs of things in life that are most valuable –

1. Love and Hope
2. Family & Friends
3. Kindness & Generosity

Three things in life that are never certain –

1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams

Three things that make a person genuine –

1. Integrity
2. Sincerity
3. Charity

Three things that are truly constant –

Father – Son – Holy Spirit

I ask the Lord to bless you,
As I pray for you today;
To guide you and protect you,
As you go along your way.
God’s love is always with you,
God’s promises are true.
And when you give God all your cares,
You know God will see you through.

Do everything you can to be the best example of what God created you to be. Every time you seem to fall a bit sort of that expectation, look to God and you will see that He fills up everything that is incomplete in you.

Make it a wonderful day!! WBS, OK?


Anyone can see that THIS is green!

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