Aloha Friday Message – October 24, 2003 – A Bit of News



Happy Aloha Friday, the last Friday in October. And Halloween, too. Y’all be careful out there. Physically and spiritually. Make sure the little ones are prepared and know how to travel safely.


Re: The house – Things are creeping along, but so far no signs of possible derailment. We still are waiting for a second appraisal on the condo. There are a couple of other units in the same price range going on the market, so if that’s the case, our buyer should be able to get his loan. I think I mentioned ours has already been approved (thanks to the excellent financial management skills of MRS. Todd).


Finally got a call from Cherie. She got laid off at Wal-Mart, so they trimmed all nonessential expenses. She hopes to get something else soon. She and Tommy and Willie have moved to a 1 bdr apartment in the same complex which is saving them about two-hundred bucks a month. Willie is sidling along the edge of the couch and should be taking off walking soon. Crawls around the apartment like a locomotive, and is healthy, happy, and (in his mom’s view) “awesome!” Tommy’s epilepsy seems to be improving for now, and that has been a relief, too.


Tim is in Denver part of this week. Don’t know if he’ll have time to connect with Todd HQ. He’s all over the place with work, and he and Evangelina are making final preparations for their trip to Vienna next month; a week there “free” courtesy of the Austrian piano company she represents in The Piano Store in Montana. We’re looking forward to another of E’s exceptional scrapbooks.


Crucita’s office was recently renovated, so she decided to redecorate. The most eye-catching addition s a 5.5 ft wide, hand painted folding fan with a seascape featuring dolphins and other sea creatures. Pretty cool! She still garners many positive comments about the work she’s doing as the Attendance Queen, and students are even coming to her to get advice and direction on a wide variety of topics. She’s having quite an impact in ways I’m sure no one could have predicted, although those of who know her best don’t find this at all unexpected.


For me, JCAHO is looming on the horizon, and the “Shared Visions – New Pathways” is the most amazing and thoroughgoing transformation I’ve ever seen; it’s sheer genius from the standpoint of wiping out past preparation rituals. I recall the aphorism we came up with at the JCAHO-sponsored training in Albuquerque in 1981 (’83?) just before our first Corporate Survey. “Quality Assurance (later the Oryx Initiative) is a barely definable phenomenon, espoused by a bodacious bureaucracy, which has become a formidable and indefatigable administrative Chimera for health-care professionals thereby assuring said bureaucracy it can attain the quintessential goal of all bureaucracies which is self-promulgated eternal justification for existence, and which, not coincidentally, also means an endless supply of bucks.


Make it a great weekend. Pray for Peace, work for justice, live with integrity as you always do, and share the love. I’m praying for you.



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