Aloha Friday Message – June 29, 2007 – Poems to My Peace 1


This summer marks the fortieth year since the completion of Poems to My Peace. I originally started writing this collection because I wanted something I could pick up and always enjoy reading, something that I would always understand from the point of view of the poet because I WAS the poet. I also wanted something that I could change if I felt like it, and over the years, I have made tweaks and transpositions here and there.

The poems are addressed or are written about “My Peace.” My Peace is referred to in feminine terms, so some readers have assumed they we about a woman. Not so. Maybe about the Feminine Side of Chick Todd? Maybe, but probably not. A handful of other “insightful psychological insights” have been offered, but they miss the mark. I just think of Peace, Justice, and Liberty as all being female because they are so much better than their opposites Anarchy, Indifference, and Captivity.

There are nine sections to Poems to My Peace. This is the first one. Over the next several weeks I will send one with each Aloha Friday Card* and then wrap it up with the meaning behind the nine parts. Hope you don’t find it too boring or self-serving. Forty years is an interesting milestone — The Period of Trial — so I decided trotting them out for a look-see again might be in order. The nine sections don’t have titles, really, just Roman numerals. That said, here we go!


She is walking though my mind,
a dulcet chord of happiness
sounded on the heart of nature.
All the seas, and sounds of leaves,
float out from her, rising
in warm and thick glissandos.

She moves the tides with smiles
and turns the mountains hoary heads;
a reddish-golden flux of life
stunning our soul
with lapping heartbeats.

She tastes of sandalwood and laurel.
Her voice exudes colors of dawn
and the softnesses of moonlit streams
are her eyes.

Now she leans against my arm
and all my senses leap to greet her.
She is my Peace, and always will be.
*Some of these pieces are “designed” on the page with italics or special spacing that won’t show up in these Care2 Cards. For that reason, I MAY send those cards from my address. Same rules apply — everyone gets a Bcc and a message. We’ll see how it goes.

Love you all!



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