Aloha Friday Message – August 10, 2007 – Poems to My Peace 7

AFC081007 Poems to my Peace (continued)

Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved. Today I am continuing with the sharing of another section from Poems to My Peace.


One morning, after an autumn rain,
she skittered across the puddles
and launched little boats
the same way we all did
when we were children.
That day she gave me
a bouquet of wheat
tied in green velvet.
I still have it in my closet.

At Stillwater Pond, with a cattail scepter,
she granted me an audience, just for fun,
and bestowed on me the favors of her kingdom.
Sealing our covenant with water,
she stepped up from her throne
and took my arm to walk with me.

As the rain clouds stumbled away,
I bade them good-bye
with an elaborate bow.
She chided me for my mock courtesy
and turned my attention
to the rainbow they’d left behind.

Stopping only to bid good-morning
to sparrows splashing by the roadside,
we went to the city together.
There we talked about
how the farmers would like the rain
and whether or not to change our plans
because the fields were wet.

===== ===== ===== ===== ===== =====

Some days are better than others, that’s a fact. When we share those days with others, they are better still. Do you remember floating sticks or those goofy little origami paper boats in the run-off of the rain? Do you remember special little gifts from friends – a note, a feather, a small stone – that you put away in a special, secret place to look at it later? We do the same with friendships, secreting away special moments and mementos so that we can recapture the moment at another time.

Friends are a special gift from God. So are the times we spend with friends. Sometimes we do silly things together, and being silly is something to treasure because it lets us be so relaxed with our selves that we become vulnerable to another person, another soul. That is one way we learn about God, by being vulnerable to His friendship. There are many other ways, to be sure, but letting Him be with us when we are just having fun in His Kingdom is just … well … WAY COOL!!

Think about it. When was the last time you and God just had a good laugh together? Some people think you have to have fun to be happy. Truth is, you have to be happy to have fun, and being happy with God is the funest thing of all!

===== ===== ===== ===== ===== =====

Not much new to report. This is a big month for our family. My sister, Merilee was born during this month in 1953. She visited us in Hawaii during this month last year. Just a few days after that, she passed away – August 28, 2006 at age 53. It’s a lot to think about. But I also remember that right now, she is having fun with God and with our Dad and with lots of people we both know and love. Thinking about her reminds me that Dad and Merilee, and Rita Alice Todd, and Charles O. Todd Sr (my dad’s parents), and Alice and Gus and Dean Lamke (my mom’s parents and brother), and many other loved ones are alive with Him right this very moment and having more fun than any of us can begin to imagine. That, also, is WAY COOL.

Make it a great weekend, and make it a point to have a great deal of fun regardless of whatever else is going on in your life. God shares your joy, shares your pain, shares your victories and defeats, your fears and anxieties, your heart’s desires, everything you do and everything you fail to do, all that you are, all that you have, and all that you ever will be. You just have to decide it’s better to share it with Him than to keep it all to yourself. That also is WAY COOL!!

Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever — at your service. Pray for Peace, work for justice, live with integrity as you always do, and share the love. I’m praying for you.

Peace be with you! Whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, however, if ever, forever — at your service.


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