Aloha Friday Message – October 5, 2007

Dot Paper for Geometry Class

How many do you think there are?


About the picture: Imagine that each dot is a set of 10,000 pages that look like this one in the image shown here, and that each dot on each page represents one angel. That’s a beginning. Then imagine a google of googles (one google is 6.023×10^23 individuals) of such collections of 10000 pages, and well, that’s still just a beginning.

Now, think about all of those angels singing with you, “Holy. Holy. Holy LORD, God of power and might. Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory! Hosanna in the Highest!….”

It is Friday again, and I’m NOT AT WORK! Crucita and I are taking a couple of days off for a long weekend. Well, actually, she’s on Fall Break – Autumn Intersession they call it October 1-5 so I took off the 4th and 5th to have some fun. I’ve been locked away in The Turkey Coop (my office at work) pretty much since our survey finished in August, so getting out seems like a really good idea.

I decided that today I would sent you a lyric of a tune I wrote last year. It’s based on my favorite Psalm, Psalm 138. The melody is in the genre of four-part gospel harmony as you would hear from groups like The Florida Boys. Anyway, I’m trying to memorize it because it’s fun to sing. If you get a chance, look up Ps 138 and read it for yourself. I just love the idea of standing with the angels and lifting up my hands to praise God. That’s quite a picture! So, enough of that. Here are the lyrics. Have a great weekend, beloved, and maybe you can make up your own tune for this little ditty!


In the presence of the Angels I will sing your praise.
I will lift up my hands And I will bless your holy name.
I will bow down before You And your Temple on High.
I will sing of your promises, Your faithfulness and love.

1: I know that you hear me Every time I pray.
You strengthen my heart And you get me through the day.
All of Earth’s Kings and Princes And Peoples of all lands
Praise your Name for your Promises. They shout, and clap their hands.
And: Chorus

2: Yahweh, God Almighty, I live safely in your care.
The proud and the wicked You point out everywhere.
You bless the meek and lowly, And fill them with your Light.
To the fury of my enemies You lead me in my fight.
So: Chorus

3: Though danger’s all around me And enemies close in
Your strong right hand will save me You are with me to the end.
Your love endures forever. You will not abandon me.
I will sing your praise forever In eternal harmony!
For: Chorus

Make it a wonderful day, Beloved. See y’all next week!


P.S. Did you know that when you sing praise to God, the Angels join in? They already know all the words and melodies! Next time you sing “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and might…” listen for the angels – in particular your angel – then imagine singing with a google of googles of angels singing with you.

For this wonderful picture (used with permission from the artist):
Art created by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992, 2002. To order prints visit her “Revelation Illustrated” site, Contact us and let us know which one you need to use. If you wish to use more than one, you should purchase the 40 image CD .You will also be required to add a right-click copy protection code to each image. For use as wallpaper on your computer, just let us know which one you need. For use as a screensaver, please go here where you can get information on the new “Revelation Illustrated” screensaver program.

Pat Marvenko Smith
Revelation Productions

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