Aloha Friday Message – January 4, 2008


Happy Aloha Friday, Beloved!!

I was so happy to get this photo! It was taken on Saturday December 29, 2007 on Maui in the `Iao Park north of Kahului. This is the site of many famous battles – King Kamehameha brought his army to Maui and fought here – and disasters (many floods as the heavy rain cascades down the step mountains.) `Iao valley is the eroded remnant of a huge volcanic caldera near Hale Akahina, the smaller volcano that erupted on Maui’s northern end. It is a spectacular site and a spectacular sight.

Now, of course you know who I was thinking about when I took this picture, right? YOU of course! All of you! So it would have been just before 8 AM HST, and if you go back toward the east to the EST zone, that would be equivalent to 1 PM; you can figure out where you are in that time span. BUT the cool thing is, any of you could have seen the same moon at the same time in any of those time zones!!

Crucita and I enjoyed our visit to Maui despite the fact that it was windy (like 50 mph gusts) and a bit rainy (3″ in one day). Nonetheless, we did a lot of sightseeing and went to quite a number of places we had not visited on our previous excursions on Maui. We took in two botanical gardens this time, well, three if you count Kula Ali`i Lavender farms (acres and acres of lavender! Amazing!!).

Of course we were there for Christmas and we visited Maria Lanakila church in Lahaina again. I think that’s our favorite on Maui. We also visited Holy Ghost Church in Kula. It’s a beautiful little octagonal building that was absolutely immaculate inside and out. It was build in the late 19th century by Portuguese immigrants who had come to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane fields.

As I mentioned in the last note, we also got to visit with family (from Crucita’s family) and that was really nice, too. Never did get to go snorkeling, but we got in a BUNCH of whale watching, and that was SUPER!! Those things are so enormous and yet so graceful. All in all it was a pleasant break.

We realized again and again how blessed we are to have been chosen to live here. We were reminded of John 1:16: “From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.” We trust that it is the same with you. I know some of you have had a rough year and yet still know the power of those blessings from God. You inspire me with your faith and perseverance. That is why I keep praying for you and with you and about you every day. In fact, I think I will close this little note with the prayer you can find at the bottom of the Moon Beam Network Certificate (can’t find yours? Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a copy!)

Father, I take a moment to remember everyone in the Moon Beam Network. Watch over them. Bless them. Protect them. Guide them. Direct them. Keep them all safe from any harm or danger in body mind and spirit. Give them your Light. Bless them all for the love we share among all of the members of the Moon Beam Network. Likewise bless everyone I have ever loved and everyone who has ever loved me and anyone who has ever loved them; for the love we have comes from You through your Son Jesus the Christ by the ministry of The Holy Spirit. AMEN.

Make it a great week, Beloved!


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