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Happy Aloha Friday Beloved
These Sandhill Cranes are flying home.

“Beyond The Sunset” Check it out here:

Today, Beloved, I am thinking about healing and home. In the ‘healthcare business’ we are always interacting with people who are or have been ill. Part of our job is to help each person whose health has been compromised to get closer to hope, healing, and health. “Home” may be their residence, and ultimately “Home” is where we anticipate spending eternity. All of us know many people who are facing health crises. I’m going to list just a few here, initials only, and then drop in something from “What Is The Healing Word.”

JP – Chemo
GW – Chemo
CW – Radiation
SD – Remission
ZT – Dementia
WT – Health failing
JT – Recurring health problems
JM – Persistent illness
And many more, so just pause for a moment and ask for God’s continued presence in their lives as a source of Hope, Healing and Health.

So here’s a section from the essay on The Healing Word:

What do you imagine Jesus would say to you if you asked for healing? For some people, he might say, “Done!” Recall that the prophet Isaiah told us, “by his stripes we were healed.” (Is 53:5) All the healing we will ever need has already been accomplished through Jesus. It may not be manifested in our daily lives in ways that we can test with our senses. It may be something that is done spiritually first, and only gradually shows in the physical world. The healing is complete, nonetheless, in the eyes of God.

We didn’t even have to ask for healing the first time. It was a gift of Grace offered on our behalf to Adam and Eve. When our first parents sought their creator after that, he had another word of healing for them, and for us as well: “Come.” He called Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees, promising to walk behind him and be his God. Abram, for his part, promised to walk beside God and be the first of his flock. God called his children out of Egypt, inviting them to follow him as Moses walked beside him. God led them through experiences that healed a whole nation and brought them to spiritual and physical healing in the promised land. When the people forgot the magnanimity of God’s blessings, he called out prophets to chastise and correct them. Finally, he called his Son to come to us and complete what we could not seem to get started. Now his Son calls us to come to the Father through him. He is asking us to get up off the kneeler, as an act of faith, and come to the altar to receive the sacrament which memorializes the reason Jesus came to us as an infant in Bethlehem.

In the Nativity account given to us in Luke’s Gospel, we learn how the angels and shepherds rejoiced. When we are filled with sorrow or doubt, when life seems just too difficult, the word of healing just might be, “REJOICE!” In Philippians 4:4, Paul tells us, “Rejoice in the LORD always; and again I say, rejoice!” We have a hope, a blessing, which the world cannot offer or understand. All of the Saints from Abraham’s time to today have found delight in the promises of God. What great healing there is in joyously accepting the gift of salvation! When we joyfully accept the gift of his love, all heaven joins with us. We receive Jesus’ promise that we can ask in his name, and we will receive so that our joy may be complete (John 16:24). Jesus invites us to follow him joyfully into the Kingdom.

Now, what is your healing word for today? Write it down and put it where you can see it, and each time you see it let it be a source of Hope, Healing, and Health.
Quick News: Tim and Chanson are back in Portland, and it was such a lovely visit! F.T. and her wonderful children along with Aunty J.N. are back home too, and we had a great time visiting with them all. They made their trip to Kaua`i a really wonderful and exciting journey. My Mom is out of the hospital and back in the Care Center. We learned that she has developed some bedsores, and that brought a closer examination of how she is cared for at the Center. Crucita is just days away from heading to the mainland. She’s been working so hard on getting a storage shed put up in the back yard! I was able to be of a little help, but she really did an amazing job of getting all the preparations made! Yesterday she built stairs for the rear entrance to the shed. They came out perfect! And on the first try, too. She’s a mighty fine carpenter, she is. Tommy and Maria are going to have to move again, but they just keep keeping on. William is looking forward to spending time with Gamma when they take a road trip to New Mexico. Lily Mae is arriving via C-Section on June 25, and we are all so excited!! Can’t wait to hold her – and Mama and Papa – in one big hug! I thank God for all my friends here and for all of you out there all across the country who are reading this message. See you in the moon!

Age Quod Agis

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