Aloha Friday Message – July 11, 2008 – by request

Happy Aloha FRIDAY!!
This is something some of you may remember. I had a request for this recently, and so I thought I might just send it to the whole MBN as well. This picture is just a perfect representation of the following parable:

I felt so blind, so burned out, so tied down. I prayed:

God, I am tired. I know you created me, and I am grateful for that. I have been formed in your image, and my spirit rejoices in knowing you and reaching up to you. I feel as though I’m failing you, God, by living a life that does not give you glory. I am lost in sin and darkness, and nothing I do has any merit. My energy seems to flow away into a trail of smoke. I’m melting down, and my resources puddle around my feet. I am unable to recover them or to use them. I feel as though my feet are locked in cement. I can make no progress. I can’t get going anywhere, yet I feel I should withdraw from the world and cease to embarrass you with my utter failure. I’m being worn down. I can’t be steady about anything any more. The least little thing seems to blow me away. Worst of all, I know that at the very core of me, I am wicked, and . . . .

Just then, I heard God chuckle.

Excuse me, Sir, but that wasn’t meant to be funny.

Well, child, you’ve got the concept right, even the spelling is right, but the pronunciation is wrong. It’s not a two-syllable word – “wick-ed.” For you, it’s just a one syllable word as in “wickt.”


You’re confusing my creation of you in this world with the life I have given you. Dear child, you have failed to notice that you are a candle. Of course you have a wick at your core. That is what I use when I make a candle. I created you in my image, and I am Light. Not candle. Light.

When you let my Spirit use your wick and everything in your life that supports that wick, my light shines in you. Don’t you remember what you pray every Sunday: “God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God.” You cannot fail me. I created you, and as you live – you will live forever – you give me glory.

You are not “lost” in the darkness because I know where you are; but, you are in a world of sin and darkness. You have not given in to that darkness, and therefore everything you do has merit. Even when you yourself are unaware of the light because you see only darkness, you are my light in this world. Despite the fact that you do not know it, even while you are contaminated with sin, I keep your light burning. I protect the flame.

As my Spirit transforms your worldly life into the Light of Heaven, your life in the world gets shorter, but your life in heaven shines on through all eternity. Your light will never fade because it is my Light. The energy that flows away from you is the surrender of your soul – the very core of you – to my power. The resources that puddle at your feet are the bounteous gifts I give you over and above your needs. These gifts are meant for the use of others like you. The surplus helps in the creation and support of other candles. They are not meant for your use nor are they meant to be wasted.

For that reason, I have anchored you in a candle holder called “faith.” Held firmly in faith, you enjoy peace and stability. Even though the winds of evil blow all round you, sometimes causing your flame to gutter and fade, I will protect you and send my angels to shield you. Let your little light shine. Don’t let Satan blow it out. And don’t obscure it by running away or hiding behind some pretentious screen of humility or basket of religion.

When you have used up the gifts I have given you, when you, my candle, have burned down to just a stub, then your faith will release you and your light will be set free. Once freed, it will not become darkness, but will be joined with The Light forever.

Remember, my child, you are a candle. I have set my light on you. I have trimmed your wick. I have anchored you. I have protected you from the winds of evil. Even if darkness overcomes you and your light goes out, I will restore you. Your soul is the strongest part of you; concentrate on seeing the light, and the darkness will be unimportant. “Let your light so shine before all that they may see the Glory of God.”
Thank you, all of you, for shedding a little of your light on my life. Be who you are as God created you so that what you do says who you are.

All in Love


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